Photographs of the EEOTY 2013


Updated 02/12/2013

 Well here they are,  just a small selection !!


Our own photographer 500+
MGCC EEOTY 2013 Event >>>

Thanks to Ewen Weatherspoon

A dropbox set of 100+
MGCC EEOTY 2013 Glenlivet >>> 

Thanks to Evelyn Duncan

A short extract from
Scottish Television Broadcast >>>

Thanks to STV for making this Report

[one_half last]

A Video of the
Pipe Band at Nairn >>>

Thanks to John Dutton (WA Tickford BMO 759).

 A video
Cars leaving Scone Palace >>>

Thanks to Elspeth Bruce from Scone Palace.

A Dropbox set of 55
Photos from Participants >>>

Thanks to everyone that sent these to us