The Benefits of Completing this Form

1. Correct information goes on the website that comes directly from the event organiser.
2.    To help avoid missing information on the website.
3.    To ensure information appears consistently from different event organisers.
4.    The information gives the organiser and MGCC confidence that the event has the correct MSUK certificate, if required.

  New category of events from the MG Car Club During 2023. The MG Car Club categorised events that CRBs hold. This is to comply with Public Liability Insurance and to establish what events require an MSUK Certificate.

  The MG Car Club categories of events are:
1.    Touring Assembly (Three/Five-day tour etc). MSUK Certificate is required.
2.    Social Runs (One Day Run, Car Show, Lunch etc). MSUK Certificate is not required.
3.    Treasure Hunt (12 cars or less).
4.    Treasure Hunt (13 cars or more).
5.    Navigational Scatters

  From the list above the MG Caledonian Centre predominantly organise:   
  1.    Touring Assembly (Three/Five-day tour etc).   MSUK Certificate IS required.
  2.    Social  One Day Runs,                                         MSUK Certificate is NOT required.
  3.    Car Shows,                                                                                           “
  4.    Lunches,                                                                                                “
  5.   Social Meets etc).                                                                               

  Event organisers must (should)  complete this form as early as possible and no later than two months before the event date. This allows as much time as possible for members to make plans to join your event.
  You should send this form to both the Webmaster and Caledonian Centre Secretary (to advise the committee).

  The Webmaster will use your event information and post it on the MG Caledonian Centre website.
The event organiser is responsible for sending accurate information.
The Webmaster will copy and paste the information provided and not alter or add to the organiser’s information, (except for spelling & grammer corrections), so you, as the Organiser, must be sure that the information is correct.