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Glamis Test

Glamis 2024 Website Report

The annual Glamis Extravaganza is generally accepted as the best car show held in Scotland, and the 2024 Extravaganza did not fail to impress the thousands who attended over the weekend in the middle of July 2024. Although the main show is on Sunday, over the past two years the footfall for Saturday has greatly increased, to the point where it is almost as busy the Sunday.

Following a couple of years on an alternative site, the Caledonian Centre returned to their old stand site this year, and on the Thursday before this year’s Show, a lonely figure with a lawnmower could be seen cutting the grass prior to the gazebos being erected on Friday, before showtime on Saturday. Finally, the grass was cut, the gazebos erected, the CarBQ delivered – and the sun was out. The Show Stand was ready!

Around half the cars expected for the whole weekend were on the stand for Saturday, where final preparations were made for the main event on Sunday. The weather forecast for Sunday was ‘overcast with maybe a light shower or two’, but someone at the Meteorological Office must have got it wrong because the sun was out and beaming down on the cars on the stand. I also had a few comments from members saying that this year the MGs on our stand were particularly well presented, and of a high quality too! The cars were laid out in a simple ‘chevron’ style, and boy, did they look good! On one side we had MGFun displaying the F and TFs, the other side showed the other various MGs, all parked with military precision – and allowing for some really good photographs.

The Centre had three prizes to award. First up was the ‘Furthest Travelled’, and this went to Karen and Ken Lees, who travelled 140 miles with two TFs. Second was the ‘Best Presented Other MG’ (not F or TF); the judge had a very tough call to make between a nice MGB and an RV8. The award, an engraved tankard “Glamis 2024”, donated by the Chairman, went to the infamous Peter Jung for the presentation of his lovely Black RV8. Well deserved, Peter! Third prize was a new one – a trophy gifted by Bill and Merlyn Smith, who have asked that the trophy is given out each year at Glamis for the ‘Best Presented MG’. This was an extremely difficult decision for the judge, as there were two competing TFs that sat together on the stand: Armando Ross’s ‘Firefrost’ and Ken Lees’ ‘Nightfire’. Both were amazing-looking cars, and really well presented, with their very similar colours popping in the strong sunshine. The award finally went to Armando Ross, who has become the first custodian of the Glamis Cup. Well done, Armando (aka Aldo).

Our thanks go to Karen Lees and Nancy Crichton for the cakes, to Paul Snee, Mike Pelling and Stewart Macartney for sorting the gazebos, and to Peter Jung for delivery of the CarBQ, burgers and rolls. Thanks are also due to not only, MGFun members for attending, but to all the MG Car Club Caledonian Centre members for attending and supporting the MG Car Club, Caledonian Centre. If you missed the Glamis Extravaganza this year, you missed an excellent Show, but we would love to see you next year, and at the rest of the 2024 events and into 2025.

Glenn Neilson

MGF Register Representative

Scotland Region (South)

MGA Day – Report

The group of 8 cars and drivers, plus 5 passengers all met in sunshine at the carpark of the Errington Big Red Barn near Biggar in the Scottish Borders. After an attractive drive on single carriageway A roads we got to the most dramatic section of the run. This was the high-level single-track road with passing places first crossing the dam of the Talla Reservoir before taking the long consistently steep ‘first gear climb’ from the other end of the reservoir. Once over the summit we descended steeply to the larger Meggat Reservior.
After descending to St Mary’s Loch and passing the old AA box 723 we headed towards Hawick once again on high level single-track roads. Unfortunately we did experience some patches of light rain on this section of the run. We avoided Hawick on an even more minor road before joining the A7 to Selkirk and our lunch venue.
Lunch was booked at the Philipburn House Hotel on the edge of Selkirk. Lunch was set-out around a single T-shaped table which resulted in a very sociable time and the food was excellent. Many thanks to the new owner Adrian and Stephen.

Unfortunately it started raining fairly heavily during lunch so some hoods went up although the two ‘racers’ didn’t have hoods, and another couple decided to brave the rain and just drive faster. Luckily the rain didn’t last long and the sunshine returned so we dried out.
The afternoon run was much shorter following the River Tweed westward and finishing in the Courtyard Café of the lovely Kailzie Gardens. The breakfast and lunch venues were very happy to be given spare rally plates that had been produced as always by the Jebbs. Some staff even had their photos taken in one of the cars.

Lorraine Noble Thompson 
Super run in the Borders for MGA day, I think it’s more like Red MGA day ????
Now for lunch ..
Big thanks to Paul & Jean Dean

Paul and Jeanne Dean

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DVLA consultation on Historic Vehicle Registration

DVLA consultation on Historic Vehicle Registration

The MG Car Club, MG Octagon Car Club received this Communication from Mel Holley secretary of the
Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs Ltd.
To read the communication and complete the questionnaire

The Octagon Car Club, have agreed with everything the FBHVC has to say, so it takes about a minute to complete the online questionnaire.

This affects us all and protects our hobby of preserving and promoting the classic car industry.


Inter-Club International Auto Solo


The MGCC AutoSOLO is taking place at the Inter-Club International on Sunday 30th June 2024 in the Motorsport Zone at Malvern Showground. It would be great to have a good entry of MG cars competing, with classes (and awards) for 1924-1980 and all post-1980 cars, driving challenging, dynamic course layouts that will maximise every available inch of the smooth tarmac space available. Also, a chance to showcase to the viewing public the excellent handling of all our MG cars and skill of their MGCC drivers, whilst having seriously competitive FUN doing it !

Entries are now open for this event, so if you follow the link below it will take you to the Motorsport Arena webpage, and under the AutoSOLO section, you can read all about the event (which has an entry fee of just £15.00, and being an AutoSolo, there is the option of having a passenger/ navigator, at no extra entry fee. There is no reversing involved and it is not a team event. There are also full details of the event on page 8 of the May issue of Safety Fast!

GO TO >>  AutoSOLO — Inter-club International Weekend (
Then click on each of the four buttons you will see for the following:
Click on one of the Direct LINKS below
1. Read the Regulations >>
2. Get your Free MSUK Clubman’s Licence for 2024 >>
3. Complete the Entry Form  >>
4. Make a payment. >>

Final Joining Instructions will be emailed a few days before the event.

Any issues, or for more information, please do contact me. Note: this event is now limited to 24 cars. Scrutineering takes place on the day, from 9:00am, or if people are attending the event for the weekend, this can be done late on Friday or Saturday afternoons in the Motorsport Zone, to save time.

Kind regards

Noel Lindford

07432 152095 Entry Secretary and Clerk of Course
Tyne-Tees Centre
MG Car Club

Mail to: